I was looking for in-home care for a home-bound patient in Minnesota and was given the name of Mendota Health. When I contacted them, I started the conversation with, “Hey I heard about your clinic, but what I really need is in-home care.” That’s when Nurse Practitioner Maureen Vantine said, “But we do that, too.” After I heard the story of the program, I wanted others to hear about the way that they are working to break down the silos of care for patients with chronic wounds.

You can read the article Maureen wrote with her colleague Lee George that was just posted in Today’s Wound Clinic. We need to create a better delivery system for wound care services and this is a model that clinicians need to know about.

If you have a novel approach to wound care access for patients, contact me so I can talk about it and we can all learn from what you are doing!

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