Reflections on the Development of the MRI and Character

I  can’t think of anyone I admire who has had an easy life. Just as fire purifies gold, trials produce character.  Hang in there.

The Health Economic Impact of Living Cell Tissue Products (and Why This Matters) – Guest Blog by Dr. Helen Gelly

Guest blog post by Dr. Helen Gelly Using the claims data from Medicare that are publicly available, a newly published study which I co-authored looked at various parameters that will eventually impact the bundled pricing payment model. Because a number of insurance...

HBOT and Brain Injury – Guest Blog by Dick Clarke

Guest blog post by Dick Clarke of National Baromedical Services On August 1 of this year, a bill entitled the “North Carolina Veterans Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Treatment and Recovery Act”  (House Bill 50 / SL...

WPS Coverage for Debridement and What We REALLY Need to Worry About

This is a much, much larger issue, and one that no one wants to talk about.

Breaking News on Site Neutrality

Evidence has been accumulating for years that site neutrality is coming. I don’t think it is an issue of whether but when. This executive order might bring it a bit closer, but doesn’t implement it.

Cellular Couture for the Wound Fashionista

I like to think of CTPs as couture clothing. Does one of them make me look SMALLER?

How NPWT Changed Wound Care and Why We Need to Think Like Oncologists

Without using the Wound Healing Index to justify the need for advanced therapeutics like NPWT, the future of wound care could look like it did in the early 1990s: dressing the wound and praying for patients to heal.

The “Art” of Wound Care

I recently spoke at a conference where an artist depicted each speaker’s presentation visually. This is how he interpreted my rapid fire, “Current state of wound care in 15 minutes.”

Wound Diaries, Club Sandwich Dressings and What That Means to the Future of Wound Management

For more than 10 years, we’ve had a way to select dressings more consistently and appropriately, but no one has wanted to use it.

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Dr. Fife is a world-renowned wound care physician. She is the Director of the Wound Care Center at CHI St. Luke’s The Woodlands Hospital, CMO of Intellicure, Inc., Exec. Director of the US Wound Registry & Editor of Today’s Wound Clinic.

Report Honest Healing Rates

It’s time for Wound Care physicians and providers to stand up for truly honest outcomes and transparent quality reporting. If we don’t we may see our entire profession wiped out. Click here to read more.


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Sisyphean Mondays

Sisyphean Mondays

In the March issue of TWC, I talk about my Sisyphean Mondays with heart failure patients, who represent a quarter of my wound care practice. Medicare is holding me responsible for their repeat hospitalizations.

Oh, Was That All You Needed?

Oh, Was That All You Needed?

This message was left on the voice mail of our Wound Clinic Program Director. I’ve cut out any patient identifiers and the name of the payer. She’s providing a list of the documentation needed for her to authorize hyperbaric oxygen therapy: [regarding patient...

Mistaken Identity Part 2 – It's Not ME!

Mistaken Identity Part 2 – It's Not ME!

How long do you think anyone can continue to practice wound care if quality is going to be determined by the performance of others, and wound care practitioners are held responsible for the cost of all the patient’s underlying medical conditions?

A Case of Mistaken Identity

A Case of Mistaken Identity

The issue for me is not so much that the patients were hospitalized, but that Medicare holds me accountable for the fact that they got hospitalized, and there is no mechanism for me to explain to Medicare that I’m just their Wound Care doctor.

OxyBand and Digital Ischemia

OxyBand and Digital Ischemia

I should issue a disclaimer that I’m not a rheumatologist and have no special expertise in connective tissue diseases. However, I do have some rules that have stood me in good stead when it comes to patients with mixed connective tissue disease and ischemia.

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